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KOHLHAAS                                lighting design

"Una discussió festiva sobre la idea de revolució"     




2016 · Theatre play directed by Pau Masaló and text from Heinrich von Kleist.


Premiered in "El cicló" (cycle of independent companies of Barcelona) at Teatre Tantarantana.


Ignífuga company




Kohlhaas, a festive discussion of the idea of revolution, is a work based on Michael Kohlhaas by Heinrich von Kleist. The show is a false documentary that questions the continuity of the current political system and raises if a violent revolution is a good option to be able to change the world.


Kohlhaas is an honest horse trader victim of abuses of powers that should protect him. Determined to take justice on his own, he will become the head of a small revolutionary army willing to end systemic corruption and influence peddling with the use of violence. How far can we stand before taking up arms?

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